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Here’s what Anil Kapoor thinks of Fawad Khan

All the Kapoors are gaga over this hunk, there’s of course, Sonam, Anil, Neetu, Ranbir, Kareena… we’re guessing it’s a Kapoor thing. Definitely.

In an interview with BBC Urdu, Anil Kapoor showered the Pakistani actor with praise and wished him all the stardom in the world.

Bohat hi haseen admi hai (he’s a very handsome man),” says Anil. “He does really good work, I really enjoyed working together with him. I want God to give him success and make him a really big superstar, not just in India, but in the world.

When asked which of Sonam’s films he likes the most, it’s almost a no-brainer to think that Khoobsurat and Neerja landed the top spots.

“Last year, her film Neerja was released. There are only three to four films that I have watched in my life which have affected me so much, by the performances, by the way they’ve been made,” says the actor.

But he finds it extremely disheartening that Neerja wasn’t released across the border: “I’m very saddened that the film wasn’t released in Pakistan, there must’ve been some reasons [for it] I’m sure, which I’m unaware of, but I wish that film had been able to release in Pakistan, which I feel would’ve been good. Though I’m sure people must’ve watched it on DVD or the internet. But I’m very, very proud of that film of hers [Sonam’s], her performance was absolutely phenomenal.”

“Of course, Khoobsurat was very successful in Pakistan and that is also one of my favourite films. Raanjhanaa, Delhi-6, I really like these films of Sonam’s, they’re my favourites, and of course, her first film Saawariya,” adds the doting father.

Neerja may have had bad luck in Pakistan, but Anil Kapoor is adamant on stepping foot in our country. In a message to all his Pakistani brethren, he says,”My Pakistani brothers and sisters, whenever I do any project, I’m looking for opportunities to come to Pakistan, so that I can meet you, talk to you. I will be extremely happy the day I step on Pakistani soil. I will be very happy.”

Let’s make this happen, shall we?



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