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BDC Chef Mamatha Bochala at Raagini Bistro Mamtha Bochala making Vegie Basket and Coconut Shrimp curry. BDC TV, Indian Fusion Food http://www,

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  • Mashkoor Mohd Khan

    First episode of BDC Chef is telecast today. It looks great, yummi and healthy. Looking forward to more

  • roshan

    The show is awesome. Liked the episode.we wish to see more episodes.

  • Tapasya

    Hello everyone, Thanks for your support. More episodes coming soon, stay tuned!

  • Seema Arora

    Great job! Congrats to our BDC TV food team for the first episode of ‘BDC Chef’ series. Stay tuned for upcoming shows in food, entertainment & various other categories!!!

  • Loved the show for quick and easy recipes, will definitely try them. Great job BDC and Tapasya for making it more entertaining and nice idea.

  • Tapasya

    Thanks Sarada
    Hope u make and enjoy

  • Tapasya

    Coconut shrimp curry was a hit!

  • Razia Mashkoor

    I really appreciated all your comments guys, thank you so much.

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