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'I was depressed and suicidal': Pawan Kalyan's sensational revelation

Pawan Kalyan Speech At Harvard University India Conference 2017 USA Trip Feb 11, 2017 Pawan Kalyan touched upon a lot many topics, ranging from personal struggles and cinematic career to his political ambitions. However, the most sensational part was when he confessed to having been suicidal, while ruminating on his nescient and confused youth. "I come from a lower middle-class family. I studied in a street school and I had a lot of time to contemplate life's problems. It became my lifetime obsession to compare what is being said and what is being done. And so successfully I failed my examinations and I didn't continue my education," he said. Further elaborating, he said, "My focus was not on education; my focus was on issues that plagued the society. It made me go into depression. I wanted to commit suicide. As most of you know my brother was an actor by then. He owned a licensed pistol. I wanted to kill myself but my family counseled me. I then began experimenting with life. I studied computers, practiced yoga, learned martial arts. I never wanted to be an actor. I wanted to be a yogi." Pawan Kalyan had floated the Jana Sena Party 2014. The actor also plans to quit films for good, to concentrate on his political ambitions. "My brother(Chiranjeevi) would come home after a long day and I would bother him with my philosophies - you know like life is a lollipop and such (laughs). Once he got irritated with me and told me to make something concrete out of life. At that point, I realized I have missed my education I missed everything positive in life. My only option was to be an actor," he said, reminiscing on the defining moment of his life. #Bollywood #Fashion #Style #Beauty PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL BY CLICKING LINK BELOW. IT WILL HELP US BRING MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS: More Videos at Follow us on Facebook:

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